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    6 Rules to Live by to Protect Your Hair When Wearing a Wig

    Let’s face it, wigs are beautiful creations that can help any woman achieve any look regardless if she has hair or not. We’re not talking about your mother and grandmother’s wigs. Wigs have become “The Thing.” More and more women are going wigs, instead of sew-ins or quick weaves, because it gives them flexibility and options. They can be a blonde today and brunette tomorrow. They can wear a short style or long. But what’s most important is how we treat our hair underneath so we can live our BEST LIVES EVER!

    Here are 6 rules I created that you should live by to protect your hair underneath your wigs:

    1. Go glue-less! Your wig should be easily removed without any glue damaging the hair on your hair line. If you do decide to have a wig that requires glue (lace frontal or full lace wigs) ask your stylist to install it with a hair gel so that you’re not suffocating your hair under toxic glue. I highly recommend using Got2Be or ORS Wig Grip Gel. It’s gives the same look of regular lace glue without the damaging side effects that can happen if removed improperly.

    2. Moisturize your scalp-you know how they say “never go to bed mad” well keep that same energy with your hair and never go to bed with your scalp dry! You can use a light moisturizer, hair serum, or even leave in conditioner. This will not only help you keep your hair healthy, but it will also make your hair grow.

    3. Wash your hair weekly-wearing a wig can cause you to sweat and no one wants to walk around with a smelly sweaty scalp, it’s just not cute. Cleaning your hair will enable you to massage your scalp which will increase blood flow in your hair follicles increasing growth. Keeping your hair clean will not only build health for your scalp but you’ll also feel generally happier, plus it’s a part of self-care.

    4. Wash your wig-it doesn’t make sense to have a clean scalp when you’re going to turn around and throw on a dirty wig. It’s like taking a shower and putting on dirty clothes. Luckily, wigs don’t have to be washed weekly, but I suggest washing them bi-weekly so they can retain their moisture, yet stay clean. Even if you have dry shampoo, that’ll work to spray on the inside of your wig cap to give it a fresh feeling in between washes.

    5. Make sure your braids aren’t too tight-when you have tight braids under a wig, it can cause trauma on your natural hair which leads to breakage and even sores on your scalp. Trust me, you don’t want to have to go to a dermatologist just because you couldn’t tell your stylist to braid your hair looser-it’s expensive.

    6. Wear a wig cap-this should be a no brainer but wearing a wig cap reduces friction between your hair and the actual wig. Without a wig cap, you are exposing your hair to constantly have friction which can cause hair loss.

    Article written by Davida Roach

    Hair Bakery Boutique LLC

    Email Address:

    (843) 224-8684

    Instagram: @davidasdiary

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