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    With the November 2, 2021 elections fastly approaching, RWAM has decided to feature Black women who are running for political office in the metro Atlanta area throughout the month of October. Our goal and commitment is to keep our readers and followers educated and informed. This is not an endorsement.


    Candidate for City Council Post 3 (Stonecrest)


    Alecia Washington is an unselfish, dedicated community servant and community leader. She has logged an impressive record of community service and advocacy for the past 15 years. Her community outreach programs include providing food, clothing, shelter, living wage employment, child enrichment and economic development to Stonecrest residents and beyond.

    She has counseled, mentored and volunteered. She has accomplished all this through her non-profit organization, City of Hope Safe Haven. Her remarkable record has also caused her to be tapped for leadership with various highly reputable organizations including the Department of Homeland Security’s Community Emergency Response Team, American Association of Christian Counselors, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, The New Black Wall Street Market and numerous other organizations.

    She is a compassionate leader who has her finger on the pulse of what the people want. She is visible and available, meets people where they are and helps them there. She has the heart, mind and leadership that is desperately needed to lead in this tumultuous and uncertain time created by the pandemic. It would be hard pressed to find a candidate or community leader who has done more than Alecia. Learn more at

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