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    Alexia Ford

    Meet Alexia Ford

    Passion Organizing

    Alexia believes that most people who need an organizer need them because they have too many responsibilities on their plate and cannot balance it all.

    Alexia is the founder/owner of Passion Organizing now residing in Smyrna, Georgia and a board member of the National Association of Black Professional Organizers. She is also a mother to three; Theresa, Jaylen, and a Shih-tzu named Yoda {such a cutie}!

    She has been cleaning, organizing, and creating spaces since 1997 and founded Passion Organizing in 2016.
    Alexia Ford

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to help individuals and companies organize, de-clutter, pack, unpack, and clean their space(s). We do not just organize or clean a room …. We recreate the room by introducing individualized systems that helps our clients maintain their clutter-free, organized space(s) for years to come! Passion Organizing strives to help our clients get to the end result quickly and painlessly.

    How she got started with professional organizing?

    While working in corporate, Alexia began to receive requests from coworkers in her office asking if she could organize their homes after seeing how clean Alexia kept her desk, labeled files, detailed her emails and maintained the common areas. It was then she realized not everyone has the same passion for cleaning and organizing like she does. This realization pushed her to make professional organizing her full-time career, launching Passion Organizing.

    What is a Professional Organizer?

    A Professional Organizer is an independent consultant who advises, guides and assists clients in attaining order within their space(s). We provide a wide range of services from home and office optimization to shopping assistance.

    We assist with decluttering, minimizing, sorting while maximizing your space(s) and creating permanent locations for all your belongings. We educate clients and their families on how easy it is to put items back in their designated space(s) by using labels for older people or pictures for younger children that tells them exactly where the items go.


    Our primary focus is to help clients, families and businesses transform their environments into spaces that work best for their lifestyle.

    Passion Organizing

    Phone: (866) 539-9367


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