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    I started off in the art world as a “late bloomer”. Art did not come into my life until the age of 15. I saw a picture of Tweety Bird and drew it based on memory. It was not too bad but that’s where I gained my interest in art. My first art class was my senior year of high school in 2012 and from there I knew I was gifted. I was more interested in how to put art on the computers versus drawing on paper and I knew graphic design was my passion. I attended Middle Tennessee State University for ONE semester and it taught me more of how to draw on paper with charcoal and multiple gradients. I had to learn the basics before I could even touch a computer and that was ultimately frustrating because I wanted to immediately get into graphic design.

    Furthermore, what a lot of people don’t know is how art saved me. In 2013, I went into a really bad depression. I had to stop attending Middle Tennessee State due to a tuition mix up. My credits wouldn’t transfer over. I would have to start over as a freshman again. It was so many what if’s and not enough yes’s to clear my head. I had to sit out the entire half of a school year, so my depression grew bigger than what I expected. I had no expectations of returning to college.

    I thought i disappointed my family by sitting out of school and i know for sure i disappointed myself. I did go back to school August 2013 at Columbus State University but i could not shake my depression. It was extremely tough at Columbus State, especially through the art classes. I was in therapy 3 times a week all the way up until i graduated in 2017. Art saved my life because it gave me the opportunity to freely express myself without having to use my words. Instead my canvas/camera was paper and my brushes/eyes were my words.

    However, that broaden my horizons to want to try EVERYTHING!! Soon after, I attended Columbus State University where I changed my major from graphic design to fine arts so that i could learn everything. Freshman year was incredibly tough because the teaching was different, it was more vigorous, and the professors did not take it lightly on anyone. I dabbled in graphic design, ceramics, painting, film and back full circle. I also attended YouTube University as I called it; if I could not figure it out from my professors, I went to YouTube and figured it out.

    My junior year of college I entered into a Juried Exhibition with one of my films. The film included a voicemail of my mother fussing but it showed pictures of my entire family and me walking on the sides. I remember one of my professors constantly asking me was I coming to the ceremony because I did not have any intentions on doing so. I arrived and the judge called my name for the Best of Show. I cried in my professor’s arms because that was the first art award I’ve ever won. That’s how I knew I was meant for art.

    Furthermore, the years progressively became easier and I stuck with graphic design, film and painting. I graduated with my fine arts degree in 2017. Now, I create logos, paintings, I paint on clothing, shoes, I even make mini films. Also I stepped out on faith with Gods help and now I have my own company! I worked hard since I was a teen and now it’s finally paying off.

    Lowkey Dope derives from everyone saying I stay to myself. I’m a lowkey person. Key is one of my nicknames and Dope is generally how people describe me when I first meet them. And that’s how the name Lowkey Dope came to be

    My company specializes in art far as logos, painting, photography, you name it. I am also incorporating clothing, by putting my artwork on the clothing and funny sayings. Instead of it being a clothing line I call it my art line. I am most proud of that I actually started the company. I doubted myself so much until I spoke to God, and put it in his hands. Once I saw the signs that I should start it I went for it. What sets me apart is my originality, my innovations and my warm spirit. I like to communicate to make sure the clients get exactly what they want.


    Kyshmah McNeill

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    1. This is a great story. I could connect in many areas of my own life and personal experience with the experience of Ms. Gary.


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