Wednesday, September 22, 2021


    The year 2020 taught us many valuable lessons, and one overwhelming fact; having one stream of income enables a false sense of security. In fact, the concept of ‘financial security’ is literally a thing of the past. As a nation, we faced issues that none of us could have imagined in previous years. What started as a health threat quickly morphed into something much bigger, not just impacting our physical well-being but also wreaking havoc on our financial health as well. As a community, we saw that being financially literate is not a sufficient means in developing a proper pathway to generational health and wealth. Individually, we learned the importance of finding new and creative ways to earn, manage, and (in some cases) multiply our money. It is no secret – the old practice of trading time for money in hopes of achieving financial freedom is behind us. Now more than ever, we must make common the practice of trading currency for time to attain this goal.

    In all, the need to transition from financial literacy to financial maturity is no longer a luxury. But what does this really mean? It means understanding how currency relates to our mind, body, and spirit, and lastly, how it can be multiplied into a flow state of ultimate abundance. First, we must recognize that all things operate in spirit and are energetically connected, and when all are in proper alignment, this energetic connection is infinite. In short, much like the way water flows in a current, money must be energetically aligned to flow freely, flourish, and replenish with abundance. In using this same philosophy, we must re-think, reset, and re-program our relationship with currency.

    So, how do we begin to do this? How do we begin to re-think, reset, and re-program our outlook as it relates to currency, thereby changing our style of life? How do we evolve from merely existing to thriving in prosperity? We must start by shifting our thinking from a ‘lack’ to an ‘abundance’ mindset, by operating in one of the highest forms of vibrational currency – gratitude! Everything begins with a thought, and because thoughts ultimately transform into things, we must acknowledge each thought as pure gratitude. Emotions are what vibrate out into the world, so it is important to ensure those feelings are that of pure joy, awareness, and thankfulness. Ultimately, whatever one projects emotionally is returned energetically, therefore releasing lower vibrational, lower frequency thoughts and feelings within the universe – you are subconsciously operating in a state of ‘lack’ and in turn that same vibrational frequency will be returned. This is the basis of Spiritual Currency, and how the connection to gratitude, beliefs, and feelings (and the alignment of these energies) dictates whether you have an abundant, wealthy, prosperous life of pure fulfillment and meaning. The more one leans into their Spiritual Currency, the more you will attract abundance into your life and the easier money will begin to flow.

    Next, one must examine the beliefs associated with their relationship with money. Most of the beliefs held as adults were shaped by our parents or other dominant figures in the early stages of our lives. The core beliefs we form as children to young adulthood can be immensely powerful, and although we introduce new information based on our own experiences, we frequently cling to our old beliefs, which are oftentimes self-limiting. There are a few questions to ask yourself that will aide in understanding this concept, so that you may start identifying your own limiting beliefs:

    • What was your parent or guardian’s relationship with money?

    • Was the topic of finance a point of contention amongst your parent or guardian, or was it a welcome dconversation?

    • How did these beliefs shape your thoughts, attitude, and approach to money today?

    • What did you learn from them regarding financial savviness, the idea of taking risks vs. playing it ‘safe’, what is possible in life and what isn’t, and what you are capable of and what you are not?

    • Did you feel confident or lacking in confidence and knowledge in areas around money, such as investing, and saving?

    • As you grew older, which of these early lessons did you reach most strongly to or against? What did you learn about yourself that contradicted what you were taught?

    Now, for each limiting belief identified, turn it around and formulate a new belief that is more in line with your values and ideals that support it. The quickest way to break the power of old beliefs is to replace them with empowered ones. Identifying our relationship with currency in this mind, body, and spirit approach will allow us to capitalize on the opportunity to achieve the highest form of abundance.

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