Wednesday, October 27, 2021

    FASHION IS IN THEIR BLOOD! The Wilbourn Sisters Janice & Carolyn Wilbourn

    Fashion runs in their blood. They are Janice and Carolyn Wilbourn, owners of Wilbourn Sisters Designs Inc., they are proud to say that God has blessed them to become International Fashion Designers. They design and manufacture “Designs to Soothe the Soul” at their premier fashion studio located in Lithia Springs, Georgia. They are two of seven sewing sisters originally from Jackson, Tennessee. They learned their skills and talents from their mother, fondly known as “Queen Mother Elizabeth”. Their mother taught all her daughters to sew, to be creative and entrepreneurs at a very young age and they didn’t mind sharing their talent and passing it on to the next Generation the Creativity and Freedom to be the Best God has created them all to be.

    They market and sell our own line of fashions all over the world and their family has been in business for over 50 years. In their presentations they will share fun short stories, “Growing Up In The Sewing Family”. They have traveled and worked extensively abroad in West Germany, Paris, France and producing formal and informal runway fashion shows throughout the United States as well as traveling to the Islands. They work with a passion and will travel wherever requested, whether for Profit or Non Profit Organizations.

    Their designs (Wilbourn Sisters Designs) are exclusive original fashions for women and men of all nationalities. Their fabulous fashions range from soft, flowing ensembles to wrap dresses that fit all sizes. They design from an array of various fabrics for all four seasons such as Linens, Cottons, Chiffons, Rayon, Silks and Tapestry for spring and summer and in the fall and winter Jersey knits, Rayons, Sparkle Evening Knit Jerseys, Leathers, Fur, Denim, Faux Fur, Fleece and Wool will be used.

    They specialize in designing for any and all occasions: Weddings, Cruises, Fancy Parties, Balls (especially Red Carpet events), Everyday Wear and Swimwear.

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