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    Improve Your Skin Tone And Radiance

    We’ve all heard that saying, “Black Don’t Crack”, meaning that people of African descent tend to age less faster than those of fairer skin. But in spite of that,, as we age, we start to notice fines lines in our skin.

    Some of these wrinkles are caused by use; like squinting and laughing. However, most wrinkles are caused by free radical damage and over-exposure to the sun and ultra-violet light.

    Well, ladies, to keep your skin looking youthful, you could begin a daily regimen that exfoliates and nourishes the skin. Make sure this special treatment contains naturally occurring alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These hydroxes penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to stimulate the cell renewal process.

    Lactic acid, fruit acids and other natural alpha hydroxy acids are combined with beta hydroxy salicylic acid and meadowsweet for sustained, long-lasting action.

    Other natural soothing and nourishing herbs for the skin include Camellia oleifera (green tea), hyssop, calendula and chamomile. To improve your skin’s texture, firmness, radiance, softness, clarify, suppleness and tone try implementing a daily regimen that consists of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. They will exfoliate your skin without damaging it and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. Take care of your skin today will prove beneficial in the future.Skin

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