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    Investment 101: Consciousness, Competency & Currency

    The Currency Corner

    Investment 101: Consciousness, Competency & Currency

    So, I’m sure you’re reading this in anticipation of learning the best strategies for trading currency, or maybe to catch the newest crypto coins for 2022. Perhaps you want all the sauce on NFT’s, EFT’s, and everything in between. No? Then it must be to tap into the “7 Steps for Becoming a Millionaire” …in the markets…in a month.

    Nah, family. Class is in session, so let’s understand the assignment. Since financial freedom is the answer, investing in Self is the equation.


    One of the most important investments in self is understanding the power of compound interest-turning time into money. If you think about it, every asset and liability in life comes from compounding interest – whether in money, mindset, relationships, health, or habits. The same way money multiplies through interest, your thoughts, habits, and behaviors are the compound interest of your self-development.

    Before I started my investing and trading journey almost 3 years ago, I was in a 20-year entanglement with Corporate America, averaging 12-14 hours a day, with barely enough time to start all over again. I left each day feeling unaccomplished, uninspired, and undervalued – rolling the dice, betting the same hours, and expecting a different outcome. Bottom line – the price of the paycheck was costing more than it was worth. I realized I was no longer willing to roll the dice on my future and lose. I had to start investing in myself, and for me, one of the first steps was to change my relationship with money, and ‘flip’ the paradigm. I had to set and accomplish my own goals, to ‘buy’ into myself, and learn the importance of valuing self, without having to be validated.

    I started looking for ways to invest that would allow an opportunity to double, triple, quadruple a small amount of money in a short amount of time. Ways that would allow me to live on my terms, and by my definition of freedom. That paradigm shift meant that my relationship with money had changed.

    I was no longer willing to gamble my time for money. I was ready to trade my money for time.

    Enter: The Foreign Exchange Market.


    “If you want to gamble, go to Vegas. If you want to be profitable, learn the skillset.”

    Gambling and trading walk a fine line. Players play their position with hopes they’ll multiply their money. While both players know that risk is a part of the game, the disciplined trader understands to be consistently profitable, minimizing risk will be the difference between a blown account and a banked account.

    So how do you minimize risk? Start by maximizing your resources:

    Analyze yourself before you analyze the market. You are your own best resource!

    Don’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! A “beat the market” mindset will have you ‘betting it all on 7’ and going against trends. The outcome? The house wins♠️

    Don’t give in to greed: Trading everything is like trading nothing. Have a plan, stick to your pairs, and take what the market gives you.

    Remember, investing in yourself is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Take the time to learn the game, master the skills, before throwing the dice.

    About the Author:

    Rachel Roberts is self-described fitness and financial enthusiast, with a passion for educating communities and boosting the growth of small businesses globally. This passion brought about the founding of Traveling Traders 365 LLC, a platform that teaches the importance of financial freedom through the tool of currency trading via the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). The goal of TT365 is to empower and educate the student with the necessary skills to multiply your money, thereby building the foundation to acquire generational wealth for legacy building. Her passion for developing small businesses and business owners brought about the establishment of The Currency Consultant Group, Inc. which focuses on investing, business consulting, and the importance of the Mind-Body Currency Connection.

    Want more tips and tricks on how to capitalize your currency? Follow Rachel Roberts on Facebook @wearecurrency, IG at @thecurrencycoach. Sign up for our mailing list at for more investing, trading, and business boost tips!

    Rachel Roberts is a contributing financial and wealth-building writer for Real Women Atlanta Magazine (RWAM).



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