Friday, May 20, 2022
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    Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square

    Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square is proud to announce our 2022 live theatrical season, A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS!!! Three productions that immerse you in the worlds of Black jazz standards, the rhythmic poetry of hip hop in the ’90s, and the classic romance of love and comedy in a neighborhood plant shop. This season you are at the forefront of the storytelling, and no one gets left behind. We promise this season to be an opportunity to celebrate life and all of its bliss. Plan to laugh, fall in love, laugh some more, party under the moonlight and so much more. Here at Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square, we are coming out of the darkness from the last few years and into the light as we strive to create a future that highlights all the beautiful shades that make us!

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