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    Michelle Glover, CEO
    Career & Life Strategist

    “Sometimes, what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”

    Michelle Glover is an Entrepreneur, Purpose Career Coach, Visionary Leader, and a woman committed to living a life of purpose. She is an 18-year award-winning HR Corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Journey Unlimited, LLC CEO, and Chair of the Women’s League of the Atlanta Black Chambers.

    Before starting her business, Michelle spent 12 years working for Siemens Corporation in various leadership positions in human resources, including consulting, strategy, coaching, and leadership development. She received multiple awards for her leadership on company-wide initiatives, including serving as the Change Management Lead for one of the biggest restructures in the company’s history. But over time, she knew God had a bigger plan for her life.

    “I decided to take an unconventional approach to career planning. As I was determining my next career opportunity, I decided not to follow the path laid out in my career development plan. Instead, I went to God in prayer. And in October 2015, I quit my job and formed Journey Unlimited.”

    Michelle experienced the power of surrendering to a career of purpose. She believes that powerful things happen at the intersection of faith, purpose, and career, making self-actualization possible. She devised her Purpose to Results coaching model, which views clients holistically by addressing their personal and professional well-being for career advancement. Her clients receive a complete life approach to career development- aligning purpose, passion, family, financial goals, values, and prayer in the career planning process. She offers 1:1 coaching, quarterly purpose development workshops, and hosts the Unlimited Journey Podcast and Journey Unlimited YouTube Channel.

    Michelle knew she needed support and a community to start as an inexperienced business owner upon starting her entrepreneurial journey. So, she joined the Atlanta Black Chambers to increase her business knowledge, network and gain access to opportunities.

    The Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC) mission is to advocate for creating and growing competitive, profitable, and sustainable Black-owned entities. Founded over a decade ago, the ABC is committed to providing quality education and training programs that emphasize economic development, ownership, and wealth-building practices. The organization consists of 11 industry-aligned committees and four affinity groups, one of the affinity groups being the Women’s League.

    As a black woman-owned business owner, Michelle knew the challenges facing women regarding mental resiliency, authentic partnerships, access to capital, and information that hindered black women from creating scalable and profitable businesses. While still building her business, Michelle was appointed Chair of the Women’s League. Over the years, she formed a community for the members, focusing on education, support, and community outreach. Now the Women’s League is the premier organization that focuses strictly on the needs and development of women-based businesses in the metro Atlanta area.

    The Women’s League hosts monthly education programming, quarterly socials, quarterly Think Tanks, membership spotlights, community outreach projects, a signature annual golf event, and March Women’s League Retreat.

    Our vision is to build legacies of generational wealth by transitioning black women entrepreneurs from micro-businesses to small enterprises.
    Michelle believes it’s not about owning a piece of the pie; it’s about working together to perfect the recipe.

    VoyageAtl magazine featured Michelle’s journey to entrepreneurship in the “Inspiring Stories of Atlanta.” She also has been featured in the 17th and 19th Editions of “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta.” And in 2021, Michelle received the Women on the Move Connector Award.

    Michelle graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and received her Master of Human Resources from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. She is also a Certified Professional Life Coach through the Christian Coach Institute.

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    Atlanta Black Chambers
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