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    Relly” Michelle Olivia Hodges was born to a working class dad and mom in rural Walterboro, SC July 23, 1968. She was the third of four children born to Herbert Hodges and Verria Mae Salley Hodges. She grew up with two older brothers Bennie and George Hodges who were instrumental in making her a tough young lady.


    Her mom and dad both played softball and baseball and they encouraged their children to do so as well. Every weekend in the Hodges Household was spent at a ball game watching the dad or mom play. When the kids got older they too played sports. They not only played sports, they excelled at the games. Michelle won All Conference player every year for Varsity softball while her brothers captured titles for Football and baseball.


    Michelle was not only an athlete but, she is a master poet. She began writing poetry as a child as a way to deal with extreme rural life. Her mind and body was determined to be uplifted from a rural existence and transformed to a suburban life. Every summer she would spend her time in Brooklyn and Queens NY between her paternal Aunts ant maternal aunts enjoying the hot streets and open fire hydrants in the city. She knew that one day she too would have to migrate to the city to achieve her goals.


    At age 14 Michelle’s life took a drastic change. Although she was raised by very strict parents she became pregnant. The father was not suitable for marriage because he subsequently dropped out of school and began to sell drugs. She hid the pregnancy for 8.5 months until she was forced to reveal her secret to her mom. Of course this matter was devastating to the family and caused discord among its members. Her father felt she should be sent away to a girls group home while her mom who, had just had a total hysterectomy looked forward to having the child as her own.


    After her daughter was born without complication at 7lbs 9 ounces in great health, Michelle began to make an effort to get her life on track. She joined the various organizations in school and began to take education seriously. She became president of the Future Homemakers of America, Captain of the Varsity softball team. She won awards such as the NAACP award for Oratory. She was finally finding herself.


    To earn extra money she worked part-time at Tommies Truckstop as a dishwasher. She wanted to work rather than receive government benefits for her child. She never sued the father for child support because she wanted her mom to raise the child as her own since she could no longer have children. Even as a young women Michelle knew what she wanted. Her Strong mom Verria gave her direction and purpose. She learned thru her mom the value of hard work and the importance of multiple streams of income. Her mom drove the school bus and taught at the school during the week. On the weekend she sold produce and sold sandwiches at the Baseball games. She learned that work income is just for bills, your hustle money is how you survive and thrive.


    Survive and Thrive is what she did. Her mom died in her junior year of high school and Michelle became the matriarch of the family. Her baby sister needed guidance and her father needed someone to prepare meals and maintain the house. She gladly took on those roles and continued to soar in sports. Upon graduating from High School, even though she had five different scholarships, she packed up and went to live and attend college in NYC. Her aunts had made arrangements for her to stay and attend school and she was ready to get her education so that she could return to SC and get her daughter.


    The struggle to stay in school became overwhelming when her baby sister started using drugs and subsequently over dosed. This caused her to take in her niece Mercedes and raise her as her own. She was now a mom to two children in the cold hard city of New York. Needles to say she made it work. She worked hard for Time Warner and bought her first 4 story Brownstone home at 26 years old in Brooklyn NY. A true accomplishment indeed for a single mom of two. She opened up her first official business Relly’s computers and training at age 26 also. These two events set the stage for her new life.


    In Oct of 2000 Michelle visited Atlanta GA and promptly made perpetration to move to GA. She sold her home and business and started buying property in GA. Real Estate is her first love and she embraced and excelled with it in GA. She became engaged and married and enjoyed a basic family life in the Atlanta Suburb of Lithonia. In 2010 all of that came to a crashing end when she found out her husband had fathered a child outside of the marriage. Her world like the song “Came to an end” and she struggled to find a new Michelle. Like the character in Waiting to Exhale she had an exhale party, she changed her hair, learned to play poker and started going to comedy shows. There she met great comics and became fond of the art. She did a few Bruce Bruce jokes at his comedy roast and she was hooked from there. That moment began the comedy career of who we know as Comedian Mzwallst. Tag line “All these Assists” due to her huge rump. She felt that she should address her physical attributes on stage so that folk can focus on what she was saying and not be tied into what they see. Her comedy was to give a message it would become her ministry.

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