Wednesday, October 27, 2021

    Nikisha Jones-Pate, Founder Of Black Women Networking, International (BWN)

    Nikisha Jones-Pate is the Founder of Black Women Networking Int’l (BWN). She was born in Mobile, Alabama but raised in Decatur, Georgia by her mother Mary Ola Jones. Before speaking or giving a lecture she gives homage to her mom for all her great accomplishments. Being her mom’s best student Nikisha followed in her mom’s footsteps as a model and stylist. Today Nikisha is a wife to her dedicated husband of 12 years Terrence Pate. She’s a devoted mother to 4 special children whom she calls her angels.

    BWN was started by continuing the journey her mother started before she passed away. Her mother passed away in 2009 from Colon Cancer. BWN began as a group in 2010 but became a nonprofit organization in 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. BWN hosts lunch and learns, conferences, workshops, networking events and motivational discussions.

    BWN is an empowerment sisterhood for entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesswomen of color. They are ministers, philanthropists, authors, chefs, homemakers, educators, lawyers, doctors, politicians etc. BWN is a Christian based organization. BWN mission is to unite, edify, empower, and support women and children locally and abroad. BWN is a sisterhood, a movement and legacy not just for my family but for all my sisters out there who will dare to believe in us as one. Leaving behind the negative attitudes, petty chatter, gossip, and resentment toward each other. This organization isn’t just for the elite or a certain class of people, but we welcome all who will embrace the vision.

    Currently, BWN is working on women’s clothing apparel, networking channels, business centers, food pantries and clothing distribution. We have adopted a few inner-city schools, parks, and recs that we are sponsoring.

    Today, I smile, and I see light in the eyes of some that only had darkness. I see life. I see love and there is hope again. Black women have given our community a reason to poke our chest out and walk with a strut that says, “I WIN”. No, we haven’t arrived yet, but you got to admit we’ve come a long way. I subscribe to the philosophy of a famous man, Zig Ziglar. “Help enough people get what they want, and you will automatically get what you want.”

    LIVE Life, LOVE Genuinely, and COMPLIMENT Others Often
    We don’t Compete we Compliment

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