Monday, April 12, 2021

    Power Tips for a Productive 2021

    This year has taught many of us a thing or two about being productive when our homes and offices have become one.

    As we go throughout 2021, consider these key power moves to stay productive next year.

    • Find a system (and stick to it): Creating an organizing system is an easy way to ensure your at-home workspace is ready for optimal productivity. Designate space to house all your work items – a drawer, cabinet or box – and keep work items organized by type (pens, papers, computer gear, etc.) At the end of each day, transitioning to “offline hours” can be easier when you have a place to stow your work items.
    • Start your day clean: It’s been studied and shown cleanliness has a direct impact on productivity. Yet, many people struggle to find the time and energy to clean, especially at the end of a busy day at home. With today’s technology, cleaning can be effortless. For those of us with busy schedules or those who don’t like cleaning, consider, an option like, The DEEBOT T8 from Ecovacs provides a hands-free cleaning experience, complete with the time-saving benefits of an all-in-one robot vacuum and floor mop, along with TrueDetect technology to avoid tangling in small objects. Easily controlled via an app, just set it to clean before bed and wake up to a tidy workspace.
    • Break up your day: With so many hours at home in front of a computer, workdays can get a little monotonous. Break up the day to make working from home feel as “normal” as possible – shower in the morning, take a walk or drive to coffee then make time for at least two breaks throughout the day. Here is a suggestion, some people have found success with the Pomodoro Technique, which is breaking your day up into 25-minute chunks of work, with 5-minute rest periods. If you continue to work until you feel like taking a break, odds are you’ll overwork yourself until it’s too late to take the “big break” you had in mind.
    • End your days with mindfulness: At the beginning and end of each workday, do a 3-5-minute mindfulness meditation. I like to spend my time in worship listening to music to get my day started. It helps me to clear my mind and give me clarity for the day. Reciting powerful affirmations are another great way to begin your day. Try reciting Commanding your morning by Dr. Cindy Trimm or Wake Up Winning, by Wanda D. Hollis. These are some amazing books written by some very powerful black women. Some of you may chose to sit quietly and simply meditate. The choice is yours. But before signing on to work for the day, allow your mind to fully focus on the day’s tasks at-hand. Signoff by doing another mediation to end the day and let go of any worries or stresses you might have. Incorporating this tactic into your daily routine can help create a boundary from work and home while also restoring peace of mind.

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