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    Nothing sounds more romantic than selecting your dream home with your dream spouse. More often than not I hear women say they will purchase a house after they get married which is AWESOME! And I encourage every couple that has an opportunity to make that decision together with their spouse to do so. However, if prince charming is not on bended knee yet, I advise every woman to consider the benefits of investing in real estate now before deciding to hold off.


    Real estate continues to remain the most tried and true method for building wealth. Reasons for purchasing a home include tax benefits, cashflow, equity, appreciation and much more. Here are some examples of women that purchased property and their reasons why:


    Equity – The difference between the market value of your home and the amount you owe the lender.

    Michelle is 49 single and lives in Atlanta. She has been renting her entire life. The idea of owning a home is scary for her. Even though she knows her mortgage will likely be less than her rent, the responsibility of paying a mortgage scares her. Michelle secretly hopes that she will marry a man with a house and avoid having to confront her anxiety. But with 50 fast approaching and Atlanta rental rates steadily increasing she decides to face her fears. With a little persistence and a lot of patience Michelle purchased a brick, ranch style home located in an up and coming neighborhood in Decatur Ga where home values have gone up 1.4% in the past year and experts predict that values will rise another 1.9% over the next year. The home was recently renovated on the Market for $224,000 and appraised for $246,000. Michelle walked into her new home with $22,000 in equity which means if she were to sell her house the next day, she would make a $22,000 profit!


    Cashflow – cash flow is the amount of money coming in and out of your business on a monthly basis.

    Tamara purchased her first home as a 30th birthday gift to herself, two years later she meets the love of her house who also has a house. Shortly after the wedding she moves into her husband’s house and rents out her first home. Allowing Tamara a small steady stream of income while she launched her multi-level marketing. The couple now both work their multi-level marketing business full time and are planning on purchasing their third home in 2020 thus building wealth one house at a time.


    Appreciation – The increase in a home’s value over time.

    Forced Appreciation – A strategy used by real estate investors to increase the value of a property.


    Yvette, a student at Spellman College managed to secure a duplex through seller financing while going to school and working at Lowes. To secure her monthly payment she rented out one side of the duplex to college students she knew. Through her contacts and relationships at Lowes and keeping an eye on special discounts she slowly renovated her duplex. Shortly after graduation Yvette put the Duplex on the market and used the profit from the duplex to completely pay off her student loans. It’s no secret that the Atlanta housing market is BOOMING. On average home values increase 3% – 6% a year. Yvette not only took advantage of rising market values in Atlanta but by forcing the appreciation of the duplex through upgrades she increased the value of the property.


    Tax breaks are another incentive for home buyers. You can deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage from your taxable income. Although Interest rates have increased slightly over the past couple of years, they are still very low right now. This makes it more inexpensive to take out a mortgage. The lower the interest rate, the less you actually pay for your house and the sooner you can pay the mortgage off.


    The vast range of housing options, diverse neighborhoods, strong job market and attractive pricing makes Atlanta, Georgia a prime location to buy a house. Don’t let fear and procrastination keep you from moving forward with the purchase of your home. Going into a marriage with assets can create financial opportunities for you and your future spouse in the long run. So, don’t wait on the spouse to buy the house. Buy the house and build wealth with the spouse!

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