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    Black Women Who Want More

    Whole Women Make Smart Decisions

    This is the premise upon which the organization known as “Black Women Who Want More” was created.

    Black Women Who Want More was established in 2007 by Renee Toppin for the purpose of inspiring women of color to pursue personal development in seven key areas;
    Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Financially, Intellectually, Politically and Socially. As a social empowerment group, we plan events that cater to the whole woman. BWWWM has grown from a small circle of 150 sisters in the City Of Philadelphia, to 642,000 followers on social media. 5 chapters in the US with over 3,000 members and 7,500 women in our private social group on Facebook. We host online and offline events that facilitate personal growth. Our motto is “come together, leave better”. BWWWM has physical chapters in Atlanta, DC, New York, Philly and Indiana. Black Women Who Want More along with its recently formed subsidiary, Black Women Who Want More Academy is impacting the lives of black women all over the world. Our next event will be our Decree and Declare women’s conference in South Africa, February 9th, 2023. The organization has over 30,000 fans in this region.

    The founder of Black Women Who Want More, the Creator and Vision Facilitator, is Renee Toppin. Miss Toppin is affectionately known as “Coach Rose”, because she gives long stemmed roses to every woman that attends her events since her first event in 2007. The rose has become the signature brand of the organization with over 800 dozen roses being given out over the years. Coach Rose is a best selling author, licensed evangelist and professional motivational speaker. Coach has been featured on CNN and has shared stages with Presidents as well as prominent pastors. Known for her unique signature events and anointed creativity, her gatherings are truly unforgettable. Miss Toppin has hosted hundreds of conferences with interesting thought provoking visuals, exercises and activities designed to challenge mindsets and change behavior. Black Women Who Want More events are focused on elevating self-worth, increasing financial literacy, improving health and fitness, raising political consciousness and inspiring emotionally healthy choices in the area of love, sex and relationships.

    Black Women Who Want More is not just a social group, it is a viable business. Incorporated as a non-profit entity in 2013, they have recently created a subsidiary for profit business known as BWWWM ACADEMY INC. Bwwwm Academy is an online educational platform where women enroll to do the “self work”. The academy features a business coach, credit coach, parenting and fitness coaches along with spiritual and emotional empowerment coaches to guide you to your best self. Members receive a free workbook that contains exercises designed to raise self-awareness in each of these categories. Participants in the academy take the journey to wholeness with the support of a cohesive sisterhood that celebrates each victory along the way. We work through childhood traumas with certified life coaches. We alleviate limiting self-beliefs. We push past financial obstacles and encourage physical health and wellness as part of our whole life empowerment process. Once women complete the Academy, they get to participate in our “Queen Crowing Ceremony At Sea”. This ceremony is truly a transformational and awe inspiring event. This graduation tradition has come to be the highlight of the Black Women Who Want More experience since 2014. Inner beauty, self worth and personal growth are acknowledged and affirmed on the beaches of the world. Our 2022 ceremony will be on the black sands of Santorini, Greece. Our desire is that every woman of color experiences the feelings that this event evokes at least once in her lifetime.

    The goal of Black Women Who Want More and Black Women Who Want More Academy, is to leave a legacy of Spiritual, Social and Economic elevation that will improve the lives of women of color for generations.

    We are beautiful, we are priceless and we deserve more. As we become more, we expect more. When we expect more we have the courage to demand it. Once you realize that the GOD OF MORE created you in his image, you will never settle for less again. This is our mission, reminding black women who they were created to be .

    We, understand the assignment.

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