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    RWAM is known to be a magazine for and about Black women, but we recognize that we must give honor to the men who are and have been the backbones in our communities. So we have created a new section called Men We Love.

    It is our pleasure to feature Mr. Bruce B Holmes. I had the privilege of meeting this amazing gentleman at the Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce Southside networking event in 2021. He has been a big supporter of RWAM from the very beginning.

    I gladly introduce to you, Mr. Bruce B Holmes…..

    He is the Executive Producer, a Development General Contractor & a Candidate for #GeorgiaStateSenate

    Commissioner Bruce Holmes has brought progressive change to the community. He has worked diligently to create and grow opportunities to serve and support his community in areas of public safety, quality of life, transportation infrastructure and business development.

    When he was elected in 2010, he was the only person at that time who believed in a greater vision for Henry County. When others said it couldn’t be done or the opposition was too great, he kept working to make improvements for the citizens of Henry County. One of his first missions was to established the Commissioner Bruce Holmes Youth Foundation to mentor young men and women and expose them to positive opportunities to keep them focused on success as a way to help guide our youth towards a productive future as well as reduce and keep crime low in the community.

    He then began to invest millions of dollars into road infrastructure projects to create a health & wellness community in North Henry County. He directed funding towards roads, trails, sidewalks, beatification and created policies to ensure property values remain sustainable for years to come.

    Given Commissioner Holmes’ many years in the biotech and molecular diagnostics industries as Director of National Accounts for companies like Johnson & Johnson and Cepheid, he was able to leverage past relationships at the executive levels within hospital networks to bring much needed healthcare to North Henry County which was considered an underserved healthcare desert at the time of his election. Today Nidus Development and Piedmont Healthcare have multiple healthcare groups in the community and provide much needed care across four counties.

    With the growth of new businesses, parks, entertainment and family activities, Commissioner Holmes recently cut the ribbon for a police and fire station he placed in the new active commercial corridor to ensure the safety of home owners.

    Today, Bruce Holmes has a much larger vision for Georgia. That vision is to work with #StaceyAbrams to ensure that we serve our community by: (1) expanding healthcare for all; (2) fully fund public schools; (3) funding programs for kids with special needs; (4) improving education in the south metro; and protecting voting rights. He believes that voters should never be disenfranchised in the state of Georgia. He is committed to fighting for an equal allocation of resources to further improve I-20/I-75, state routes, bridges, and other infrastructure projects such as broadband. He’s also committed to working with the Georgia State Economic Development Office to direct corporate headquarters and professional service job opportunities to the south metro to ensure we maintain the talent that currently resides here and that the 70% of citizens who travel north daily for work can work comfortably near there own communities.

    Now Bruce Holmes is asking for your support to make Georgia better for all citizens. He needs your VOTE on May 24th to make our vision for Georgia a reality and provide much needed leadership for the citizens of Henry and Dekalb Counties.

    Here is his Platform:

    Believe in Tomorrow
    ✔️Care For Everyone
    ✔️Reduce Overall Healthcare Cost
    ✔️Assist Rural Hospitals & Communities
    ✔️Fully Fund
    ✔️Assist Autism & Special Needs Children
    ✔️Improve Highways, Roads & Fiber
    ⚫️Diversify Industries
    ✔️Corporate Headquarters
    ✔️Professional service careers
    ✔️Bring Class A Offices to South Metro (NO EXCUSES)
    ⚫️Voting Right
    ✔️Fight for voting rights for everyone
    ✔️Expand access to voting for everyone
    ✔️Ensure no voter is disenfranchised

    Contact Information:

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