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    With the November 2, 2021 elections fastly approaching, RWAM has decided to feature Black women who are running for political office in the metro Atlanta area throughout the month of October. Our goal and commitment is to keep our readers and followers educated and informed. This is not an endorsement.


    Candidate for Stone Mountain City Council – Post

    SHANI LINDER - Candidate for Stone Mountain City Council - Post


    I’m Shani Linder, an Atlanta native, a wife, a mother, and a local realtor in Stone Mountain Village. I’ve lived in SMV since 2009, and right away saw the incredible potential of the city. As a resident and realtor in the community in the last few years, I’ve become increasingly frustrated at the tax increases, the ineffective city council meetings, and the stalling of projects, innovation, and plans to improve the city and its amenities for current and future residents. The next councilwoman will need to be able to collaborate, to put the work in to connect with the community and will need to develop unique solutions to the challenges we’re facing today. Our community can no longer afford more of the same excuses, ineffectiveness, and incomplete work that we’re currently getting from our council. The next four years will be critical to the success or failure of Stone Mountain, and our residents need a responsive, decisive councilwoman in the seat, with a long-range vision and the work ethic to get us there. I know that I have what it takes to join the council and make a positive, lasting impact in our city.

    Thank You!

    Shani Linder
    Cell: 404-903-7311
    Office: 404-843-2500
    Direct Office: 770-390-5948

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