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    International Society of Women Investors

    STARLETT R. MOORE is on a journey to owe no one anything except love and achieve the ultimate goal, financial independence so she can spend more time enjoying life, family, and friends.
    She invites you to travel on this journey with her.

    Ms. Moore is the founder of the International Society of Women Investors. She is active in her community and committed to closing the investing and wealth gaps for women by teaching them how to manage money God’s way. God wants His daughters and their families to live an abundant and prosperous life.

    According to The Road to Zero Wealth report published by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies in September 2017, the median wealth of Black Americans will fall to zero by 2053 if current trends continue.

    Ms. Moore message to Black Women is that we cannot sit back and allow our wealth to reach zero when Black Women’s buying power was forecasted to hit $1.5 trillion by 2021.

    One of our strategic initiatives is to educate, equip, and empower 5 million Black Women to learn how to invest their money to create lifetime income and build wealth for themselves, their families, and their communities by January 1, 2025.

    In closing, she invites you to travel on this journey with her and let’s build wealth together.

    Starlett R. Moore

    Founder, International Society of Women Investors


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