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    Wendy K. McGhee believes technology plus people equals success. An Alabama native, she graduated from Troy University where she was one of the first students to graduate with a dual degree in Computer Science and Accounting with a minor in Speech.
    Wendy began her career as an IT Professional and spent nine years as a software engineer working for various Fortune 500 firms around the country. In June 1999, she started her own consulting firm specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and ERP software implementation projects. In January 2018 Wendy McGhee & Associates expanded and began specializing in Learning Management, Cloud Services, Data Science and Analytics. In August 2019, WMA completed development of “The S.T.E.M.ulate Project” a curriculum to train consultants in Cloud Technologies and Data Science, two of the top paying specialties in the technology field today.

    As we approach the first quarter of the 21 st century, we are a part of the rapidly moving technology age, not having a cloud solution is like not having internet access. Wendy and the WMA staff serve as a partner that will help our clients design the most cutting-edge solution for their business. Wendy has championed the cloud as a solution for future forward companies.

    In 2016, Wendy began speaking to groups about investing and building personal and generational wealth. “Wendy on Wealth”, is a series for those interested in building wealth and gaining financial freedom. W.O.W is renowned as one of the top online financial classes.

    In 2019 Wendy partnered with a South African born entrepreneur to form PWM Technologies for launched Spring 2020.

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