Friday, May 20, 2022


    With the November 2, 2021 elections fastly approaching, RWAM has decided to feature black women who are running for political office in the metro Atlanta area throughout the month of October. Our goal and commitment is to keep our readers and followers educated and informed. This is not an endorsement.



    City of Atlanta
    Candidate For Board of Education – District 1


    Wykeisha Howe is a unique Parent Activist. She was born and raised on the now Upper Westside of Atlanta. The oldest of 15, of whom she help raised with her grandmother. She is a proud mother of eight children. While faced with my adversities, she pushed through against all odds, and Wykeisha is an Alumni of Purdue University.

    Wykeisha’s son kick-started her advocacy, which has led her to run for a seat on the Atlanta School Board District One. Wykeisha will be a great fit for this seat because she has volunteered and served in a variety of different rolls on the school governance team. Wykeisha continues to do work that connects her community and schools to the city and nonprofit organizations, which lead to a STEM certification.

    Wykeisha Howe
    “I will not make a decision for you without you”


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