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    5 Dating Advice Going into 2022

    It never fails…. the new year begins, and we start to reflect on the previous year and the things we hope to improve on. Many of us dust off the gym membership and make fitness a priority, while others start utilizing budgets to reach financial goals. Despite the hardships many people have faced with dating in this modern world, not a lot of us plan for improving dating. However, to get the results you are looking for while dating, you must first define what you are looking for and create a plan. If you’re wondering where to begin with your dating plan, here are 5 essential things to help you navigate the dating world:

    Find yourself– Sometimes you are just not ready to date. Have you ever found yourself on countless dates with the same negative outcomes or frustrated with the lack of dates you receive? You might need to spend some time with yourself and find what brings you joy.

    ♥ What are your core values?

    ♥ Personality type?

    ♥ Attachment style?

    If you don’t know where to begin you can speak with a behavioral specialist, life coach, or dating coach.

    Stay safe- This one is self-explanatory but needs to be said. In this age of online dating, you are often meeting people via the web and having multiple conversations before meeting them in person. Before meeting a person for the first time you should video chat. When selecting a date location choose somewhere public and communicate location with family and friends.

    Set your pace- You are in control. You have the power to choose to date someone or not. If you feel yourself getting frustrated with the process, then it is appropriate to take a break. If you have not tried online dating or have not been to places where singles socialize then you must get yourself out there. *Set dating goals for yourself. Maybe go out on a date once a month, attend girls’ night out bi-weekly, or attend social singles events.

    Have fun- This process should be fun! If you find that you are frustrated with the process, then take a break and return to FINDING YOURSELF. Take a deep breath and reflect on the parts of the date you like and the parts you dislike.

    Tip: Try taking flattering photos and updating your online pictures. The way you present yourself online will attract potential partners differently.

    Be yourself- You are the best representation of yourself. No one else can be YOU. Your goal is to attract someone who is looking for YOU.

    This is only a handful of advice and there are many more that can help navigate the dating world. Do not settle for a complicated dating life, visit as we “Simplify The Dating Process”. Dating should be fun and an equally important part of finding YOUR life partner. If he/she/them/they align with your core values and belief system, score high on the compatibility chart, and is a good fit for your attachment style then the rest is connection. Find someone you can BE YOURSELF around and genuinely laugh from the pit of your belly.

    Remember: Take the time to invest in YOU and the rest will fall in place. Best of luck!
    Jodi Ann Sanders Founder of Miss Match
    -Miss Match


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