Thursday, March 23, 2023

    A Rose is Not Just A Rose – See the Art of Heda Rose

    Heda Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist who’s practice includes Mixed Media abstract acrylic and oil paintings. Heda is of a multi-cultural background and was born in Brooklyn, NY. She began with a career in music in the late 1990’s as a professional singer/songwriter from a Billboard Charted singing group. From there, she became a self-taught Visual Artist who began creating Art in the year 2014. Following an inner voice summoning her to action, Heda gave into that calling and took the first step towards her Journey into the World of Art. What started as a divine spiritual arrangement of personal deliverance, quickly transferred into an even deeper connection and offering of her work to Art lovers and collectors worldwide. Her path began with painting faces, in celebration of the beauty of women from various backgrounds, then on to regal animals; which mysteriously appear throughout her work. Her latest style of work has transcended into abstract expressionism, and is often likened to the work of Visual Artist Jackson Pollock and of Picasso.

    Growing up Heda always marched to the beat of a different drum. A happy child until her life took a tragic turn when she became the victim and then survivor of child abuse and assault; she has now developed enormous strength and uses her past pain as purpose. She recovers daily through spirituality and art creation practices and lives a fulfilled life, caring for her Mother, who is blind.

    Heda’s Art renders the visual melody of hope and persistence, wrapped in a universal language of unity and love…. possessing dynamic colors, dense texture, emerged images, deep meaning, interpretation, striking imagery, intense polyphony and an aura of healing.

    Heda has recently transformed her Art into unique attire pieces, available through a clothing line called Inspire World Art Apparel. Visit: (Inspire World Art Apparel).

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