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    Alycia Mone

    Alycia is the Founder and Executive Director of Lost but Found Inc.
    She supports the goal of our program to provide today’s youth and young adults with a peace of mind as they go on their daily journey. Lost but Found is an organization that understands the struggles of today’s society. We want our youth and young adults not to focus on everyday struggles, but to understand someone cares for their every needs. We want them to know we care about their education and basic necessities. Lost but Found provides role models for our youth as they enter our program.

    Lost but Found is a nonprofit organization that provides services for the youth in the Greater Atlanta area and other areas outside of Atlanta. The organization also partners with local school districts and continues to build community partners to help our youth become successful with life skills. Lost but Found goal is to encourage our youth by bringing out the confidence that is already within them but has yet to be found. We plan to build lifelong friendships with peers and give them hope for their future.

    There are a lot of youth that do not have the means to get the basic needs for success at their young age such as; clothes, shoes, getting hair style/cuts and personal hygiene care. This causes them to lose faith in possibilities that awaits them in their unseen successful future.

    Lost but Found is an organization that help provide life skills as well as opportunities for the youth to gain hope within themselves and their future. Our goal is to provide them with hopes and dreams that they did not believe were possible. As an organization we also set them up for their future by providing them with communication skills, Financial awareness, ethnic skills through train professionals.

    Lost but Found primarily focus on Middle and High school students. We feel Middle and High school is the most crucial times in a young person’s life. This is the time were the youth needs the most guidance. But we are not limited to resources for only those age groups. We understand that all youth no matter the age are in need for a great deal of support.

    Lost but found also have resources set up to guide our youth to mentor programs if need be. We ensure all mentors are well trained professionals so that we are providing the best service possible for tomorrow’s leaders. One of our greatest accomplishments for our teens is partnering with Treasure Family Services Company. Treasure Family Services provides a wrap service that provides family support such as Behavioral Health Aids, Mental Health Support, Therapist and other family services. Alycia also has a Women Empowerment group that she supports through her nonprofit organization “Women Inspiring Women While Networking”. This group encourages women on all levels of life to push through their circumstances even when times get rough. The organization also provides resources to help women for all different walks of life.

    Alycia Mone` started this organization because she knew what it was like as a young girl growing up in poverty with very little resources. Alycia hopes that every young person that comes through her program gets the light that shines through Alycia. Alycia’s everyday goal is to treat people the way that God intends for people to be treated.

    One of Alycia quotes are: “I feel like God allowed me to go through so many situations because he knew that it was a whole generation of women and young teens that were going to need to know no matter what, they don’t need to give up, because it’s life on the other side of pain.” – Alycia Mone`

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