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    RVL Wellness Co is a small Black woman-owned puzzle company located in Charlotte, NC. RVL (pronounced “revel”) was founded to provide Black women a unique self-care experience through dedicated quiet time and moving meditation. Our Founder, Brittny Horne, understood the pressure put on Black women by society to be booked and busy without prioritizing their wellness. So she created RVL as a way to help her community relax, reset and enjoy a peaceful moment.

    Our mission is to help improve the overall well-being of women everywhere by offering an alternative method of self-care. We are intentional about the artwork we select, and feature pieces created by Black women that reflect our beauty, our values, and our dreams.

    So take a deep breath, allow yourself to unwind, and enjoy a revel wellness moment.

    A note from our Founder

    Hey Sis! My name is Brittny and from the moment I started RVL, I had just one goal in mind: help other Black women find alternative ways to find joy and practice self-care.

    In 2020, I experienced a level of stress and anxiety that made me feel like I was being hit by a bus. As a result of a career shift, my mental and emotional health was taking a hit and I suddenly found myself doing more surviving than thriving.

    After almost a year of focusing on nothing but work, I made a conscious decision to finally begin seeking ways to bring peace and happiness back into my life.

    I turned to my childhood for inspiration and instantly found happiness in memories of puzzling with my grandmother. With that in mind, I researched the benefits of puzzling and found that it has some of the same effects as meditation. Desperate to reduce my stress levels and motivated by the chance to help someone else do the same, puzzling became my new place of peace.

    However, there was one problem: I struggled to find puzzles that had images of people who looked like me.

    RVL is intentional and unapologetic in providing the representation that the puzzle industry is missing. While highlighting artwork created by Black women, capturing the beauty of our Black culture, and prioritizing mental wellness, RVL helps you secure your peace with every puzzle piece.

    My hope is that you’ll use this modern take on an old classic to find and maintain your peaceful moments. You deserve it.



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