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    Daniel Blackman is an American environmentalist, civil rights activist, and public servant. He is the former Director of Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships for The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (“The King Center”), author of the book Nationalism without Compassion, writer-producer at Conscious Animal, and currently serves as Senior Advisor for STEM Recruitment and Diversity at the US Environmental Protection Agency. The son of immigrants from Barbados, Daniel is dedicated to economic opportunities for marginalized Southern communities, environmental justice, social equity, and narrowing the wealth gap.

    Blackman’s passion for public service and activism was shaped by his upbringing in a family with a strong tradition of service and diplomacy. His mother, an Army wife, instilled in him the values of sacrifice and community, while his father, a United States Army Ranger, exemplified honor and dedication. He draws inspiration from his grandfather, who served as a diplomat to the United Nations.

    Blackman’s journey in activism and community empowerment began during his college years, where he gained diverse experiences through internships at Walt Disney World, Arista Records, and Universal Music Group. However, it was his encounters with Civil Rights leaders like Congressman John Lewis and Reverend C. t. Vivian who ignited his commitment to the modern civil rights movement. Motivated by their courage and determination, he sought to find his place in reshaping democracy and fighting for justice.

    Throughout his career, Blackman has made significant contributions to sustainable development, environmental protection, and social equality. His work includes advocating for equitable economic opportunities, addressing education disparities, combating food and broadband deserts, championing public health and transportation accessibility, and supporting innovative clean energy solutions.

    In the political arena, Blackman has been actively engaged in shaping policy and advising policymakers. He was appointed by Chief Justice Leah Sears to serve on the Georgia Commission on Children, Marriage, and Family Law and served as a trusted advisor to Georgia state legislators, advocating for energy related matters before Georgia’s Public Service Commission. He has also held leadership roles in prominent organizations such Chair of the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, Chairman of Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, and Board Member to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    In 2020, Blackman ran as the Democratic nominee for Georgia’s Public Service Commission, receiving widespread support and garnering over 2.2 million votes. His dedication to the public interest and his commitment to fighting for the rights of Georgia ratepayers band small businesses earned him recognition and respect across the state.

    In recognition of his expertise, leadership, and unwavering commitment to environmental justice, President Biden, appointed Blackman as the Regional Administrator for EPA’s Southeast Region (Region 4) on November 29, 2021. In this influential role, he led efforts to protect public health and the environment in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and six federally recognized tribes.

    Blackman holds a deep sense of pride in his alma mater, Clark Atlanta University, where he gained valuable knowledge and skills that have propelled him to his current leadership position. His work continues to make a lasting impact, inspiring individuals and communities to strive for more sustainable and equitable future.

    For more information about Daniel Blackman:
    Phone: (404) 437-3979

    Daniel Blackman

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