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    Fedoras are Back!

    This is where fashion meets function! Fedora’s are an accessory that will easily elevate your look. It comes in two colors and YES, it’s unisex!!

    • There are so many benefits of the satin lining: It eliminates hair damaging friction, minimal friction means minimal breakage. Locks in moisture and helps distribute your hairs natural oils throughout your scalp. Minimizes frizz and helps maintain your natural look. Hair protection while still being stylish!

    • Benefits of the carrying case: You can store your fedora so it does not get dirty, dusty, bent, or damaged. It helps to maintain the shape of the fedora. The carrying case preserves your fedora over the years as it is stored properly, with the crown facing downwards and brim upwards. How? The crown is sturdier and stronger than the brim. If you store your hat with the brim down, the fedora will flatten over time. It also serves as a travel carrying case. This hat can be found in the Kyra Danaya Collection.

    The Kyra Danaya Collection was created for the hardworking woman that wants to look her best, while living her best life, and working towards becoming the ultimate version of herself!

    We are all amazing women striving towards being the best versions of ourselves. Just because we are not yet exactly where we want to be in life doesn’t mean we can’t dress like it! We’ve all heard the saying, “Dress like you want to be addressed!” Regardless of if you have a 9-5, you’re an entrepreneur, or a CEO, we ALL deserve to be confident and look our best.

    The Collection consists of hand selected items by owner, Kyra Crandol, who not only loves helping women feel confident, but also loves helping women to build a solid wardrobe. Kyra carefully selects items that can be maximized and be worn for both “work and play.”

    Headed to a meeting? Going to church? Speaking at an event? Attending a special occasion? Looking to maximize your wardrobe? If so, The Kyra Danaya Collection is perfect for you.


    • 100% Australian Wool
    • Satin lined
    • Tonal grosgrain ribbon
    • Grosgrain edged brim
    • Adjustable band for sizing, to make smaller
    • Sweat band
    • 57 centimeter circumference
    • Brim width is 3.95 inches
    • Crown is 4.5 inches tall
    • Crown + Brim are sturdy
    • Color may be slightly off due to lightening
    • One size fits most
    • Unisex
    Carrying Case:
    • Protects Fedora from dust, dirt and becoming damaged
    • Preserves proper shape of Fedora over the years if stored properly
    • Measurements: 16 x 16 x 6

    To order your Fedora, go to:

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