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    If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Hidden Gem of Tulum, Mexico what are you waiting for?

    My husband and I visited Tulum during the height of a global pandemic. We traveled incredibly safely during the month of March. We were required to take covid testing before traveling and upon returning to the US. My recommendation, mainly considering how less likely you are to be bothered by the pesky mosquitoes of Mexico, is traveling during this time. If you are someone who would like to avoid mosquitoes, you may not want to visit during the summer months. Now I am quite sure you are wondering, what makes Tulum, Mexico such a Hidden Gem? It is, the plentiful and easily accessible transportation availability, the multitude of vacation accommodation options available to its visitors, and the never-ending list of things to do while visiting Tulum.

    My ever so amazing husband and I made the decision to rent a vehicle upon arrival. However, there are several other options to get around in this area. Additional options include shared vehicle transportation to and from the airport, bike and scooter transportation, and public transportation. Due to the scenery being completely gorgeous, many people opt for riding bikes around in Tulum. This is one of the most popular forms of transportation in this area.

    While we were vacationing in Tulum, we decided to stay at the phenomenal Aloft. The Aloft is a brand-new hotel in Tulum. It was definitely a great choice and an incredibly convenient option based Upon its location. This hotel was conveniently located in the center of everything that Tulum had to offer. We loved the atmosphere at this hotel. My favorite part about this hotel, especially during a pandemic, was that they have on-site covid upon scheduling in advance. This is not to discredit the safety precautions in the area by having several locations outside of the hotel that completed covid testing as well. This location has an awesome infinity pool on its rooftop with sun beds for relaxation and a luxurious bar and restaurant for your entertainment and dining pleasures. If the amazing rooftop is not your thing or you simply want to have a different experience, there is also a bar, restaurant, and pool on the first floor as well. Living arrangement accommodations in Tulum also include all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels, hostels, and more!

    My absolute favorite thing to do when traveling is tasting and indulging in all the food. Tulum, Mexico is known for all its fresh and rich options. We could truly taste every ingredient that was used. A common menu item at most of the restaurants in this area is the catch of the day which comes directly from the ocean daily. My favorite restaurant there is Burrito Amor. If you are a foodie like me and you ever visit Tulum, you must check it out. The restaurant atmosphere is easily described as refreshing for breakfast and it has more of an intimate setting when visited later in the evening. There were indoor and outdoor seating options available. The inside was an open setting allowing guests to feel the outside breeze coming through. I also thoroughly enjoyed some of the smaller restaurants that would be considered Mom-and-Pop kitchens in comparison to some of the bigger restaurants. I strongly advise you check out some of the smaller, more intimate restaurants as well. Their food is delectable, and it is incredibly inexpensive too.

    Let us now take a moment to appreciate all the activities there are to do in Tulum, Mexico including visiting the beautiful beaches, Cenotes, the Mayan Ruins, and the Chichen Itza. There is so much to see and do in Tulum. While my husband and I visited, we enjoyed having the chance to visit the Grand Cenote, the Mayan Ruins, and Tulum Beach. If you can visit the beach area, I highly recommend checking out the statue of Mother Nature located outside of the Raw Love restaurant. It is pure perfection for pictures that will provide everlasting memories.

    This vacation destination is great for all occasions Birthdays, Bae-cations, girl’s trips, fitness excursions, family vacations and so much more. Do not simply take my word for it; take a trip there to find out for yourself. This is one of my absolute favorite places to visit and I am more than ready to go back again someday soon to discover more amazing qualities in the Hidden Gem of Tulum, Mexico. Ultimately, I am truly looking forward to helping you plan your next vacation. Safe travels everyone!

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