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    It’s Time To Get Nude!

    Many people don’t thing of nude as a color, but there’s a “nude” revolution going on. The colors “nude” and “flesh” tone used to be synonymous with lighter skin shades. But as the world’s population gets more diverse, those definitions continue to change, especially because of the strong consumer demand for fashion and beauty products for darker skin colors. Most times when you think of the color nude, people label it as one color. But actually, it’s like an entire spectrum of colors.
    During the last decade, fashion and beauty brands have responded to this audience, going beyond pale pinks and beiges to include products in a rich palette of browns and other skin tones. Now, more and more people are wearing nude color shoes instead of black ones.

    Check out the nude fashion collection with The Kyra Danaya Collection. TKDC has all of your wardrobe needs that can be transitioned from work to play and from season to season.
    You will be comfortable and stylish when wearing your looks from TKDC. If you are going for a classy, sexy, chic or mature look, you’re in the right place.

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