Friday, December 1, 2023


    Ambassador, Latonia Wallace Copeland is a luxury and design expert, with a passion for bringing exemplary service; both to business, and in life.
    Reputed as an organic professional, with over 25 years in consumer sales, event producer and designer, she is graced to add creative flair to any event. As of May 2023, Latonia is recognized as a Global Peace Ambassador to
    the United Nations, under Word of Life Ministries. She works within the Women’s and Youth Leadership group on the Economic and Development Cabinet.

    As the CEO of Essential Affairs, an event production and design company, Latonia is best known for her keen ability to tailor ambiance incorporating the client’s personality, while achieving impressive results. Combining a love for luxurious templates, linens, and décor with inspirations drawn
    from nature, exotic flowers, and wisdom; Latonia brings a unique flair to the event industry.

    Latonia has a fondness for the success of communal youth. As a military spouse, mom, and sibling, she exhibits a loving and caring spirit. She dreams of orchestrating suitable opportunities for youth entrepreneurship through the platform of creativity. Latonia holds a respect for higher education, with a
    proven history of achievement in Applied Sciences with a focus in Graphic Design, Business Management, and certifications in multidisciplinary skill sets. She is a member of multiple professional business platforms and is on a unique mission, blessed with both the tenacity and talent to achieve it all,
    with ease.
    Latonia Wallace Copeland, Author, Actress and Transformational Coach
    CEO of Essential Affairs, LLC Event Designer and Strategist Love and Interfaith, Licensed Chaplain, BOSS Brand Ambassador, Lisa Nicole Collection International Board, Ariel Foundation
    Board Member, Pink STEM Engineering, Former President, CPO MLK Jr. High School, Decatur, Georgia
    Former Youth Mentor, Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation


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