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    What Is Shea Butter Good For?

    Chances are, if you’ve ever had to fight skin that’s dry, prone to irritation, or often in need of a tad bit more hydration than the next person, you might’ve heard of shea butter. A top favorite for more than a handful of skincare brands (yes, even buttah!), the benefits of this rich, soothing skin aid deserve to be in the skincare aisle hall of fame: here’s why.

    It Fights Acne + Blemishes + Dark Spots

    You read that right. For melanin that’s often prone to bouts of acne, shea butter can be your next skin savor. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, high concentrations of vitamins A, E along and natural fatty acids, shea butter has a wide range of benefits that supports the overall healing of your skin’s barrier. Even melanin with excess sebum production (hey, oily skin types!), using a facial moisturizer formulated with shea butter can balance, heal and protect against numerous environmental factors, including hyperpigmentation.

    It Gives Head-To-Toe Glow

    If you’re ready to wrap your body in all things shea, you’re already on the right track. From women looking to help heal stretch marks, to anyone battling eczema irritations…or even if your goal is to get ahead of winter skin issues before they start, incorporating a body conditioner formulated with shea butter is your best defense. With less moisture in the air during the colder months, mastering the art of glow as the temps dip using shea butter can help seal in precious hydration while keeping your skin’s barrier nourished and protected, even from the harshest of winters.

    It Soothes + Protects Overnight

    If you’ve always wanted to wake up to skin that’s ridiculously smooth, hydrated, and baby soft, keep shea butter within reach before turning in for the night. Guaranteed to calm skin as you wind down, it can upgrade your night routine by doubling as an overnight cream for added hydration. Layer up over your go-to moisturizer or dab a bit under each eye to refresh, soothe, and lock in moisture.



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