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    Holly D. Reid, CPA is an award-winning author, speaker, and Certified Financial Education Instructor…
    I am a Certified Public Accountant and an experienced finance professional who loves my career and believes we all have knowledge, experiences and a purpose to add value, contribute to society and enrich the lives of others.

    As a personal finance advocate, I am dedicated to helping adults and the next generation manage their finances as responsible stewards.

    Join me on this ride…

    As the youngest of four siblings, Holly is no stranger of doing more with less.

    I grew up in a household where we may have been poor in material possessions, but we were rich in love, family values, and an unwavering work ethic. My parents understood education was the great equalizer, so I was bused to attend schools in more affluent neighborhoods which narrowed in on the opportunity divide between society’s Haves and Have Nots. Our lack exposed the economic disparities and piqued my interest to understand the economic landscape and specifically money management.

    At 23 years old, I purchased my first home (which I still own today) and began building wealth… um well, not exactly.

    The financial responsibility of home ownership, coupled with student loans, and consumer debt from frivolous shopping sprees led me to a financial free fall. My experiences taught me money lessons I was never exposed to in school, and was fortunately (or unfortunately) shielded from by my parents. I struggled through my personal financial mistakes until I had my “Aha” moment. I didn’t have to live in debt and decided to take action!

    Through years of observation, trial and error, and frustration, I began to invest my time and energy to learn more about how the money game is played. Being intentional and consistent with my spending choices, combined with being bold about making more money, I experienced debt-free living (excluding my mortgage) 11 years after college graduation! Beyond a personal sense of accomplishment, I felt empowered, liberated and financially in control!! A huge fire was lit where I wanted everyone I knew (and didn’t know) to experience it for themselves and
    The Master Playbook was born!

    In 2012, I created The Master Playbook to break the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living and to help adults and the next generation create a financial legacy worth leaving. I have educated thousands of people through my book, speaking engagements, and coaching sessions using sound financial principles, practical tips and my personal experiences.

    My goal is to help adults and the next generation ditch-debt, save with purpose and build wealth.


    Contact Info: (404) 919-3967

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