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    I Once Was Lost But Now I am Free

    This book is a must read!

    Get ready to be enlightened on struggles a lot of young girls face each day.

    This book tells the true story of how a young girl grew up in poverty with extremely limited guidance and gets lost along the way. She never loses her faith, but somehow, she’s always caught up in an unfortunate situation. Through it all, she never stops believing in God and she keeps pushing. She faces abandonment, rejection, exclusion, lack of self-worth and low self-esteem at some points. She endures sexual, physical, and mental abuse while dancing at night clubs and bars, getting caught up with friends and generally trying to find her way in life. She knows God has a greater plan for her, so she pushes through all of life’s mishaps to get to her goal. Most importantly, she never gives up. It takes her a while to find herself, but she finally reaches her breaking point. Despite everything life throws her way she fully gives herself to God and follows the dreams and plans God places before her.

    This book was written to encourage anyone who may be facing difficult times and feels there is no hope left.

    I hope you read this book and understand that no matter what you are going through if you keep the faith and believe in yourself, you can do anything.

    God speaks—we just have to listen!


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