Friday, December 1, 2023

    Lola Pyne

    Founder of Oasis Soul Scent Co.

    Owner Lola Pyne founded Oasis Soul Scent Co. as a way to encourage self-care and well-being not only in others, but also in herself and her family. Prior to becoming a scent-obsessed, candle-making entrepreneur, Lola’s life looked quite different.

    A successful 20-year career granted her many incredible opportunities in the marketing, outreach, and web development sectors, however, long hours spent commuting and in offices left little time for Lola to spend with her son—not to mention, care for her mental and physical well-being.

    In 2018, Lola set out to start a business that would allow her to slow down and be more present with her family. Having recently become fascinated by the power of scent, the direction of her business was an easy choice.

    Today, Lola runs Oasis Soul Scent Co. full-time, taking great pride and joy in offering products that help people care for themselves in mind, body, and soul.

    Who We Are

    A beautiful scent, like a favorite song, has the power to transport us to a more tranquil place, stir up treasured memories, and set the scene for new ones.

    That’s the concept behind Oasis Soul Scent Co., a candle and scented goods company dedicated to creating soothing products inspired by soulful music.

    Our offerings include an array of luxurious candles, body scrubs, body oils, sprays, and shower steamers, all carefully and lovingly crafted by hand using 100% natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients.

    Our Hope

    When you light an Oasis Soul candle or use one of our handcrafted body products, our greatest hope is that you’re instantly transported away from the pressures of the outside world and into your own private oasis.

    It’s here you can unwind, connect with yourself and your loved ones, and breathe in the extraordinary beauty of life.

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