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    My name is Kevin Shedd. I am a young, energetic and motivated car sales consultant. I started in the car business as a car detailer working with my father at 16 and fell in love with cars. So I wanted to learn the sales business. I eventually went on to sell cars in Ohio for about a year and averaged about 10 to 12 cars per month.

    Once I learned to listen and sell a little, I got a taste of making people happy with either their dream dream car or just a car in general. I learned that if I wanted to sell cars, I had to make sure the customer was satisfied. I learned to really put the work in and recreate myself. I learned that I had to put in as much as I wanted out. I watched a lot of videos of Grant Cardone. I was hungry to just make a good living and provide for my family at a very young age.

    So now I am here at Newnan Chrysler Dodge Jeep and loving every bit of it. I am receiving some training that’s out of this world. I am able to cultivate relationships with new customers to achieve sales objectives. I provide them with insight into new products, and advice them of the features and options. As a salesman, I have to startegically negotiate to get my customers the best deal possible. My hope is that they will have a great experience while shopping for their new car.

    My goal is to be an asset to someone’s future and leave a mark that will impact ttheir life in many positive ways.

    To learn more about Kevin Shedd or for your next assistance with your next purchase, Contact him at:
    Phone: (470) 506-6593
    or visit Kevin at: Newnan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
    53 Hollz Parkway
    Newnan, Georgia 30265

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